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Maintenance & support

Reza Hygiene’s technical support team

Reza Hygiene offers Technical Support and Manitenance that cover all services required throughout the duration of the contract.

Our technical support teams operate from each of our regional offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Jeddah, Riyadh, Al Khobar and Bahrain.

Before installation of Rezaroma systems we perform a survey to determine the appropraite equipment and type of installation. Our teams install the appropriate system to suit the area to be fragranced, making adjustments to suit the fragrance intensity required.

No Hassle Service Contract

We offer a full service contract for where our service team perform regular visits to service the equipments, perform a cleanout service and fragrance top-up.

Service contracts are for 2 year periods . Fragrances can be changed to match the events, seasons and the clients ever-changing branding and marketing strategies, providing that non-standard or custom fragrances have not been specially developed and procured for that contract.

Reza Service Support System ( Reza 3S )

Reza’s web based Service Support System automates customer service scheduling. The system links all Reza's service teams through instant PDA updates. Customer service records are immediately uploaded to the web based application, automatically updating the customers’ records and rescheduling the next service date. 

Customer Service transparency : Customers are able to log on and review their own service history and print off or forward service report copies using their own user and password access.

Discover what a fragrance delivery system can do for your business & branding strategy.    


Rezaroma, leaders in MENA group in aroma marketing and ambient scent solutions, can complete your branding strategy by stimulating the second most powerful of the human senses – our sense of smell.Rezaroma's patented fragrance delivery systems are designed to diffuse all your indoor areas, large and small, with high-quality fragrances customised for your venue and brand alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Rezaroma is a Reza Hygiene service.


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