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Hotels and Resorts

Hotels can now complete the guest welcome experience for their guests.

Hotels can chose from a range of designer fragrances to suit the image and experience they wish to project to their customers. Our diffusers transform high quality fragrance oils into a fine, dry vapor into the AC ducting to the areas where you actually need the result.

A welcoming fragrance in the lobby/reception area can be extended through to the lift waiting areas, the lifts themselves, corridors and business lounges.

Spa facilities can choose from a range of relaxing fragrances that complement the overall Spa experience.

Fitness rooms can have a fresh and subtle background fragrance that neutralise bad odors yet provide an envigorating fresh environment.

Executive lounges can have light pleasant fragrance the reflects the professional business image.

For special events such as Weddings or Company Functions we can now create a unique experience using localised difussion equipment (Scentjet) and fragrances to suit the event, theme or occasion.

Guest rooms themselves can also be treated, by diffusing a pleasant fragrance combined with an odor neutralizing molecula, in order to eliminate tobacco or humidity smells.

All systems Installed & maintained by Reza Hygiene's technical team to ensure a 12/5 service.

All major Hotel groups now use Aroma Branding to enhance the overall experience they provide their guests.

Enhance Your Guest Welcome Experience.

Discover what a fragrance delivery system can do for your business & branding strategy.    


Rezaroma, leaders in MENA group in aroma marketing and ambient scent solutions, can complete your branding strategy by stimulating the second most powerful of the human senses – our sense of smell.Rezaroma's patented fragrance delivery systems are designed to diffuse all your indoor areas, large and small, with high-quality fragrances customised for your venue and brand alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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