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Showrooms are where we want our customers to linger and spend time over their purchase decision. That decision can be influenced adversley in a rushed, stressfull and stale atmosphere.

A positive influence on customers to feel more relaxed and stay longer to fully evaluate their purchase is by enhancing the environment with fragrance. A pleasant, clean enviroment can now be enhanced with pleasant fragrances that reflect the image of the product/brand being sold.

A luxury car showroom, might wish to provide an ambiance of luxury with a fresh leather fragrance and a slight hint of wood.

A sports car brand showroom could be enhanced, for example with a sporty designer fragrance.

Furniture Showrooms might want to provide a floral scent or even that special homely smell of coffee with danish pastry to attract customers towards their coffee shop where they can relax, take a breather and then continue their shopping experience in a more positive mood.

All systems Installed & maintained by Reza Hygiene's technical team to ensure a 12/5 service.

Enhance Moods - Create a Better Buying Experience for Your Customers.

Discover what a fragrance delivery system can do for your business & branding strategy.    


Rezaroma, leaders in MENA group in aroma marketing and ambient scent solutions, can complete your branding strategy by stimulating the second most powerful of the human senses – our sense of smell.Rezaroma's patented fragrance delivery systems are designed to diffuse all your indoor areas, large and small, with high-quality fragrances customised for your venue and brand alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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